General Home Daycare Questions:

Q: Why choose home daycare?

A:Choosing a childcare fit for your family requires a lot of research on your part.  Home daycare is just one of the options out there.  Only you know if home daycare is for you.  Not all providers are the same and so one home daycare may not work for you but another might.  Finding childcare arrangements that fit your needs is like finding a good pair of jeans, there is not one size fits all and as time passes what did fit you may no longer fit you anymore.

Q: what is the difference between a “Licensed” daycare and an “unlicensed” daycare?

A:”Licensed” means that the daycare has applied to the Ministry of Family and Childrens Services and been approved under their licencing requirements (the Day Nurseries Act)http://www.e-laws.gov.on.ca/html/statutes/english/elaws_statutes_90d02_e.htm.  Almost all of the large public centres are licensed and have to reapply for a new licence each year and are inspected at least once a year by the ministry of education.  Most homecare providers do not apply for a licence because of the small nature of their business.

Q:What is the Day Nurseries Act?

A:It is basically a book of rules and regulations you must follow in order to obtain and maintain a childcare licence.  It includes the ratio of childcare providers to children in different age groups, amount of space required for each child in care, furnishing requirements, staff qualifications etc.

The day Nurseries Act has been replaced with the Child Modernization Act 2014.

Q:What if my home daycare provider is unlicensed?

A: That is a personal choice for you to use that provider or not.  Many providers follow the same list of rules but do not obtain the licence.  And just because someone had a licence doesn’t mean they follow it all of the time.  It’s up to you to find what meets your needs.

Q:What shouldn’t I expect out of a home daycare provider?

A: A Home  daycare is someones business, job or career.  They should recieve respect as well as act in a manner that deserves respect.  They should act in a professional manner and run their business as a professional.  A space in their home should be dedicated to their business.  Babysitters and homecare providers are entirely different.  A babysitter supervises your child(ren) to try to keep them safe.  A homecare provider creates an environment that not only keeps them safe but enriches their quality of life and feeds their minds with stimulating developmental programming.

Q: What should I do before I decide on a daycare?

A: Do your research. Know the rules and regulations of the Day Nurseries Act. Make a list of questions before doing your tours and make sure you ask them ( even if you feel silly or that they may think you are over protective). Don’t just look at one place tour many. Read your contract carefully. This place will be your child’s home away from home. You are going to want your child to feel safe and comfortable there.


Specific Precious Little Owls Home Daycare Questions:

Q: What are your hours?

A: My  home daycare is open Monday-Friday7:45am-5:00pm

Q: What is your philosophy?

A:Purpose & Philosophy;

My goal for Precious Little Owls Home Daycare is to provide a “Home Away From Home” for all children in my care.

Precious Little Owls Home Daycare mission: To be a place where kids love to spend time and a place where parents feel great about leaving their child while they are at work.

I am dedicated to creating a warm and nurturing atmosphere that allows children to develop at their own unique rate. Children need to feel safe and confident in order to learn and grow. At Precious Little Owls Home Daycare I work towards cultivating a positive, fun environment by treating each child with respect and providing lots of loving individual attention.

Precious Little Owls Home Daycare encourages developmental growth in the areas of intellectual, social, physical, and emotional skills, through a wide assortment of group activities, individual play, and quiet periods. We have a great selection of toys and learning materials that let children develop confidence in their abilities explore, learn, make things, and have plain old fun! Programs include age appropriate activities and I like to incorporate specific interests of the children into our plans. Crafts, stories and most activities are based around our weekly themes.

I believe that an effective daycare works as a partnership between parents and the childcare provider. Parents are encouraged to make suggestions and comments. Parent visits are welcome at anytime. I look forward to working together to provide your child with the best care possible at Precious Little Owls Home Daycare.

Q: Do you have your E.C.E.?

A: No, I have a Child & Youth Worker Diploma from Fanshawe College

Q: Can you provide a criminal reference Check?

A: Yes, I get one done annually

Q: Do you have first aid & CPR?

A: Yes

Q: How many children will be in your care at one time?

A: I follow the rules of the child modernization act. I will have no more than 5 daycare children and only 3 under the age of 24 months at any given time.

Q: Do you have any pets?

A: Yes, we have 5 cats. and 4 birds.

Q: Do you have a fully fenced backyard?

A: Yes, my backyard is fully fenced.

Q: Do you have a pool?

A: Yes, it is an enclosed brick building. The doors are locked and children can not get into the building. (Most of the children are unaware that there is even a pool in the building)

Q: When will you not bring the children outside?

A: I will not bring the children outside if:

  • the temperature is below -9 C (or the wind chill makes it feel colder than -9 C)
  • the temperature is above 25 C ( or feels hotter than 25 C)
  • Raining
  • lightning or thunder
  • hail
  •  weather warning
  • one or more children are napping (younger babies sleep schedules are still sporadic)

Q: Do you let children outside with no supervision?

A: No, children in my care are only allowed outside in the backyard if I am with them.

Q: Do you provide a smoke free environment?

A: Yes!

Q: Do you have smoke detectors/ carbon monoxide detectors?

A: Yes  and they are tested regularly

Q: Do you have a fire extinguisher?

A: Yes we do and it is checked regularly

Q: Is your space baby proof?

A: Yes, I  have baby proofed every room that the children will be in. (e.g.., baby gates, closet locks, cabinet locks, plug covers, no small toys in the play area, etc)

Q: Do you have a consistent scheduled day?

A:  Yes, children thrive on consistency and routine.

Q: Do you communicate often with parents about the children?

A: Yes, I use the Brightwheel app

Q: Do you have  field trips?

A: Yes, we go on walks around the neighborhood. I have a wagon with 5 seats.

Q: Do you discipline children?

A: I will always strive to offer praise for good behaviour. Should negative behaviour happen, I will deal with it in one of three ways:

  • Redirection: Toddlers will simply be told “no”, & redirected to another activity or area
  • Talking: Once a child reaches the age of two they can be talked to. They will be told in easy to understand terms why the behaviour should not be continue. Typically, this is highly effective.
  • Timeout: Should the behaviour continue, the child will be placed in a time out chair. I use the one minute per age of the child rule (eg., a three year old gets 3 minutes).

Should behaviour continue after a few time outs, I will talk to the parent. A workable solution can almost always be found.

Q: Do you have a written contract?

A: Yes,  I have a contract as well as some additional forms that must be completed and returned to me before the first day of care. Your spot will not be held until these forms are received along with  2 weeks payment.

Holidays/ Vacation/ Sick:

Q: What if you are sick or your child is sick?

A: I will notify parents as soon as possible. Please have back up care for these situations.

Q: How often do you close? Do you provide back up care?

A: It varies each year. I have a calendar for the year (September to August) that I give to parents at the end of July with the days the daycare will be closed. Parents will be notified well in advance. I do not provide back up care. Please have back up care.

Q: Do you charge for Statutory Holidays?

A: No, we are closed for all statutory holidays.

Menu/ Food:

Q: Do you follow a menu?

A: Yes, I have a fall/ winter menu and a spring/ summer menu.

Q: Do you serve junk food?

A: On occasions such as holidays, birthdays, and little celebrations we may enjoy a small treat such as cookies or cupcakes.

Q: Can you accommodate food allergies?

A: Depending on the allergy. For severe allergies such as nut allergies we would not be able to accommodate. As this is my home and we have several “nut” foods in the house. Parents are responsible to provide alternative food for allergies.

Q: What is your policy on bringing food from home?

A: No food from home it may interfere with other children’s allergies or make other children jealous. Please have your children finish their food prior to entering my home.

Q: If I bring food instead of you providing snacks and lunch will I get a discount?

A: No

Q: My child is a picky eater and will only eat a few things, can you accommodate for him/her?

A:Unfortunately I can’t cater for each child’s individual likes and dislikes. If I make something different for your child the others would probably want something different as well. I plan my menu well in advance with age appropriate meals and snacks that follow the Canadian Food Guide recommendations. Children’s taste buds change all the time. I encourage the children to participate in trying new foods regularly.

Diapering/ Potty Training:

Q: I want my child to use cloth diapers, is that okay?

A: That is defiantly okay. Please bring 6 cloth diapers each day with a wet bag for the used ones to be put in and brought home each day.

Q: How do you potty train?

A:Child led learning with positive reinforcement! (please refer to my potty training policy)

Q: Do I provide my child’s diapers?

A: Yes, parents provide diapers, or pull ups (please see potty training policy for when pull ups are allowed)


Q: Do the children nap/ rest on a schedule?

A: Yes, this is essential for being able to provide quality care, sufficient outdoor time for everyone, and have scheduled group activities that involve all the children. Children thrive on consistency and routine each day.

This rule does not apply to very young infants that are still napping quite frequently through out the day.

Q: Where do the children nap?

A: Children up to 2.5 years old nap in play pens in the bedrooms. Children 2 years or older nap in the playroom. Everyone has their own linens that are washed every week or more if needed. (some children need a playpen till they are 2.5 years old and some move to a nap mat at 2 years old)

Q: What do older children do while the younger children are napping?

A: Children who are 3 years or older who no longer nap lay on their rest mat for half an hour listening to quiet time music. If they do not fall asleep they will watch an age appropriate show or movie.

Other :

Q: Do you give receipts?

A: Yes, i send out a reminder invoice prior to fees being due. I give a final receipt at the end of the year before taxes are due.

Q: Do you have references?

A: Yes, available upon request.