Parent Communication & Parent’s Role

Parent Communication:

  1. mybrightwheel app: we use the mybrightwheel app for signing in and out (completed on the tablet when you enter the daycare) and for daily reports. It is a completely free app that can be used on tablets, iPads, iPhones, any android. Not able to use on Blackberry. You can also access it on your computer.
  2. A Calendar of Events will be distributed at the beginning of each month.
  3. Anytime you wish to discus your child at length, it is best to arrange an appointment with me after hours. This will allow for privacy and full
  4. You will find my policies and relevant information on my website:
  5. You can email me with information about your child, to let me know your child will be absent or late, any questions you may have for me, etc.   Email:

The Parent/Guardian(s) Role:

Each parent/guardian can assist the staff in providing the best care possible for their children in the following ways:

  • Bring your child to daycare each day at the time you have arranged for drop off. If you are going to be more than 10 minutes later than agreed in your contract please email (if known before that morning) and phone or text if it’s the same morning
  • Call or email me before your agreed arrival time if your child will not be attending.
  • Each morning, help your child as he/she undresses, put his/her shoes away and say your quick goodbye
  • Allow your child time to put toys away at pick up
  • Take home soiled clothing each evening and return daycare clothing on your child’s next scheduled day
  • Make sure you bring in diapers, etc. when they are requested of you.
  • If someone other than yourself is picking up your child, inform me as
soon as possible. The person must be on the authorization to pick up list
  • Be sure that you child is adequately dressed for outdoor play each day (take into consideration the current weather and what it will be later)
  • Take you child’s artwork home daily
  • Be sure that your child’s name is on each article of clothing and anything you bring to daycare (eg., wipes container, diaper sleeve)