Enrolment Policy

Enrolment policy:

I require at least one meeting with parents before we choose to work together. You are welcome to bring your child. Your child will have an opportunity to meet me. Parents also have the opportunity to take a look around the daycare and ask any questions regarding my services.


Prior to your child’s enrollment, there are several forms that parents must fill out, sign, and deliver to me before I can take responsibility for caring for your child. No exceptions. The information on these forms will allow me to provide the best care possible for your child. The forms are as follows:


  • Daycare Policies & Enrollment Contract (a scanned copy will be sent to your email)
  • All About your Child Form (with picture)
  • Emergency Health Information
  • Copy of child’s health card
  • Current Copy of child’s Immunization Records
  • Media/ photography consent & release form


A spot will not be held for more than a month unless there is a known availability (eg., maternity leave or a child will be leaving for Kindergarten)

Full time childcare spaces will take priority over part time spaces. Notice will be given to the part time family.


Please keep me informed of any change in addresses, telephone numbers, and other pertinent information listed on any/all the above forms. If you have any questions regarding the completion of these forms, please feel free to ask.


Probation Period:

All children entering daycare are subject to a two-month probationary period.  This allows for evaluation time to determine the suitability of the daycare for the child’s needs.  At the end of the two months Precious Little Owls has the right to propose alternate arrangements suitable to the child’s needs.