Schedule & Programming

Schedule & Programming:

Infants, toddlers and young children do well with a structured schedule that still allows for flexibility. Our basic daily schedule outlines the core activities of any given day, play time, meal time, nap time, outdoor activities etc.


Part of my goal for Precious Little Owls Home Daycare is to provide a safe, loving, active, home-style atmosphere that allows children the confidence and courage to learn, play, develop social skills, and have fun.


Activities are age appropriate and designed to enhance children in all areas of learning. Free play, reading, singing, music, arts and crafts, and outdoor play are just a few of the activities we will do. Special themes and programs will be planned and on the monthly calendar. Programs will revolve around such things as the seasons, holidays, specific interests of children etc. We will celebrate holidays(New Years, Valentines Day, Family Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas). If there are any holidays that are important to your family please let me know and I will include them as well.

Our backyard is a good size for play and fully fenced with a locked gate.

Precious Little Owls Daily Schedule: