Do not send your child to daycare in “dress clothes”. Play clothes only. Although I try my best to keep the children clean, even in the best of circumstances accidents happen.


Make sure your child has a complete change of clothing here at all times, including underwear & socks. Please provide a different change of clothes should the ones here be used or if the season changes.


Provide a spring jacket to be left here please do not buy a new jacket for this purpose. A hand-me-down from an older sibling or from a thrift store is good enough. Occasionally in the warmer months a child will come without a coat, due to warm weather in the morning. Should the day turn chillier, he/she will still be able to play outside in comfort.


If the child is wearing sandals please also bring shoes that cover their toes and heels for outdoor time. No crocs please.


During the winter months, make sure your child has the appropriate clothing. (Please see above chart)

If children do not have the appropriate clothing he/she will not be able to play outside.