Emergency/ back up Policy

Emergencies/Back up Policy:

If, for some reason, I need to leave for an emergency , I have an adult who can come in for a short period of time until you arrive. In the event that I am ill or on vaction and can not provide care, you will need to have your own back-up arrangement available. I will notify you as soon as possible, when I am unable to provide care for your child.


Emergency information is kept on file at the daycare. In case of illness or injury this information will be used to notify you or the person designated by you, of your child’s status. If your child is injured while at the daycare, first aid will be administered. If treatment by a doctor is necessary, we will make every effort to contact you. In all cases, an injury report is completed, and a copy is given to the parents. Authorization for emergency treatment must be signed at the time of enrollment to ensure that in the event of an emergency, we can make sure your child receives the necessary emergency treatment he or she needs. It is very important that all emergency contact information is kept up to date and correct. Please inform me immediately of any changes to keep your information current. Parents are responsible for all costs involved in emergency medical treatment, including emergency transportation if required.

Note: In case of a serious accident or sudden illness requiring immediate medical attention, the following procedures will be followed.

  1. A phone call to 911 is made.

2.    Child’s parents (or emergency contacts) are called.

  1. 1.     Child is separated from the other children and appropriately cared for.
  2. 2.     Parent, provider, or ambulance takes the child and health records to the doctor or hospital.