Supervision & Authorized Persons Policies

Supervision Policy:

I am required to be within sight or hearing of an infant, toddler or preschooler at all times so that the caregiver is capable of intervening.


Authorized Persons:

Occassionally your child may need to be picked up from care by someone other than a parent/guardian. Unlesss the names are listed on your emergency contact forms, your child will not be released. In case of an emergency, please provide a reliable list of people to reach.


Custody Policy:

If you are legally separated or divorced, a copy of your custody papers must be submitted upon registration. This is for your protection, as well as the daycare. If a non-custodial parent/guardian has access which falls within the hours of the daycare, a written schedule of access is to be given to the daycare.

Many families today are going through separation or divorce and parent/guardian are expected to help the child(ren) in the transition by informing the daycare of the custody agreement. In cases of joint custody, I would like to know the child’s schedule so we can relate to the daily or weekly cycle of co-parent/guardian. When one parent/guardian has custody, I will release the child to the other parent/guardian according to the scheduled access agreed upon by those parent/guardian and filed at the daycare. Both parent/guardian have access to the child(ren) unless we have a written notice to the contrary. Custody agreements are kept at the daycare.


Parents in Daycare:

You have the right to stop in anytime during your child’s regular daycare hours. You do not need a reason. You are welcome to pop in anytime.