“Precious Little Owls Daycare has been a wonderful and nurturing place for our daughter. There are so many good things to say about Precious Little Owls Daycare I don’t know where to begin. Miss Heather is a fantastic care giver and made our family feel very comfortable and at ease with sending our daughter there with all of her serious food allergies (dairy, egg, sesame, peanut, etc) Miss Heather was incredibly accomodating with the menu to ensure our daughter was taken care of. Precious Little Owls Daycare provides a safe and loving environment for all the children.  Miss Heather is incredibly organized and has very creative playtime. Learning about our daughter’s day was very easy via the daily planner and a quick and friendly chat at drop off and pickup times. Miss Heather is always one step ahead of our daughters needs and gave us plenty of notice to re-supply diapers, wipes and extra clothing. We were always impressed with Miss Heather’s creativity to plan an educational and fun day without ever leaving the daycare.

We have watched our daughter blossom into the wonderful toddler she is all because of the care of Precious Little Owls Daycare.  “

                                – Sabrina Everett